Recipe Review: Goat Cheese and Rosemary Scones

I love goat cheese, and my fondness for scones has been growing, so the other day I went online to look for a goat cheese scone recipe and found one at Sweet & Salty Southern Comfort. I left out the caramelized onions because I was short on time and I just wasn’t sure if I’d like them. Anyway, I’m writing this post for all you goat cheese lovers out there who might be thinking that goat cheese scones are a great idea.

I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, but the scones did not live up to the hype that I created for them in my mind. It was not the fault of this particular recipe; I think any goat cheese scone is not the answer to your problems. The reason is this: I love goat cheese not only for the flavor, but also and just as importantly, for the texture, and baking it ruins that texture. What was once creamy and smooth comes out of the oven crusty and dry. Yes, it still tastes like goat cheese, but it’s not the same if its luscious creaminess is taken away. So I sadly concluded that goat cheese will not be gracing any of my future baked goods. Except maybe in the form of goat cheese frosting? Hmm, I may be on to something.

The silver lining in this experience was the rosemary. It gave the scones just the right amount of flavor, and I look forward to trying it in other combinations in the future. If they are noteworthy, I’ll let you know.

Rosemary scones: Check. Goat cheese: back to livening up crackers. For now.


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