I’m Baaaack

My activity on this blog has been a little (okay, a lot) touch and go. This was fine for a while, because I just wanted it as a resource, as I place I could go to try to collect my thoughts. Except for the half-written posts still in my drafts folder, I feel okay about it. But I feel like I’m entering a new stage, one in which I have a better idea of who I am, who I want to be, and how I want to get there. So I’m instituting a new plan.

I recently started a curated email newsletter (or ideas-letter, as I am so fondly calling it) that I send out every Friday. It’s where I share articles that I thought were interesting or thought-provoking, usually in a philosophical or artistic way. Sometimes I will provide some commentary, but in order to keep it readable it’s mostly presented as “here’s this thing I liked, and here’s a little information about it so you can decide if you want to go read it.” This has been an enjoyable, low-maintenance way for me to engage with others while keeping myself informed and educated. But of course, I inevitably find myself mulling over the ideas contained in the articles I share, and then ultimately doing nothing with them.

So I am adding a step. My plan is to start writing a weekly blog post (on Wednesdays, maybe?) in which I expand upon one or more of the ideas contained in the previous Friday’s email. I see many advantages to this, and hopefully it will help me stick to a writing routine. I’ll see if this blogging thing is really for me.


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